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Write 6 pages with APA style on Philosophical Perspective of Douglass Slave Narratives. Today’s society has overcome and overpowered with numerous challenges, and Douglass can still provide an inspiring example to others, even in these modern times.&nbsp.about getting his freedom. The way that he did this was by increasing his knowledge by learning how to read and write. Then he began to understand things like liberty and freedom and what they meant to him, and he realized that he needed to be free. There were a lot of slaves in his day who did not make this discovery and were destined tosuffer through slavery because they did not make the intuitive leaps that Douglass did about his situation, and they were kept in fear and illiteracy by their oppressors. But Douglass escaped to the North and emerged as a free man eventually, and also one of the most important writers of his time and ours. The basic assumption of this current presentation is that the key to Douglass’ freedom was literacy: before he was taught to read and write, he was powerless. However, after he became literate, he became exponentially more powerful. “I used to spend the time in writing in the spaces left in Master Thomas’s copy-book, copying what he had written. I continued to do this until I could write&nbsp.a hand very similar to that of Mater Thomas..