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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic advertisement analysis. Therefore, the analysis of advertisements requires a critical evaluation of creators’ thinking behind them. The advertising industry started to feature men more intensively and frequently in the early twentieth century.The ad I chose was created back in 1956 by Falstaff Beer producers. The advertisement was published originally in Vintage Magazine. The magazine features various lifestyle, home d├ęcor, and fashion related news. The magazine is equally popular among both males and females e the date when it was first issued. However, the fashion news and updated information are more of an interest to the female audience. The magazine targets a female audience within the age range of 20-35 who are either starting their career or need more dresses and up-to-date information on the society’s current trends (Zheng, Harwood and Williams, 268). As a result, the readership includes young and middle-aged men and women interested in staying updated with the recent fashion trends and status standards prevalent in their community.The advertisement chosen is stressing the reader in a lively and more positive manner. It is creating an attractive picture of doubling the joy of spending time with friends and partners. The ladies portrayed in the ad are friendly and hospitable. Both of the females are busy serving or offering beer to their male partners. The females are well-dressed, adequately groomed, and wearing ornaments showing their preparation for the event or the day. Hence, the ad puts forward and establishes a relationship between Falstaff beer and joyful family or friend gatherings.The male is equally involved in the scenario with the same passion and intimacy as their female counterparts. The men are busy working to serve for the event and provide a positive experience to their female friends. The gentlemen are no doubt interested in leaving a notable mark on their buddies’ lives from the opposite sex (Rhoads, 312). The culture of that time did not allow free interaction between males and females, and therefore, the ad attempted to convey the message that the beer can do the trick for the men in terms of getting attention from the dream girl. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.