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Write 3 pages with APA style on Ethical Filter Worksheet. Communication is a two-way process and is only successful when both sides are ready to listen to each other (Caputo, et.al, 2003). Therefore, according to my perception, being communicative is most essential for a decision-making process and it should be prioritized. Communicativeness is a challenging job as everyone cannot be dragged in discussions at times so the extensive effort is required. Communication should be prioritized and in communicating, one’s role should be appreciative. To appreciate the good opinions and information given by a person always encourages people to take part in the decision making the process. Also, encouragement plays a greater part in persuading people to perform better (Caputo, et.al, 2003). The process of decision making becomes better when people are encouraged to share their opinions. People should be appreciated for their participation (Caputo, et.al, 2003). Appreciation should be there but an appreciation that is wrongly done is disadvantageous so this factor should be taken care of.I consider trustworthiness as an important aspect of decision making as one cannot allow the other person to decide or form an opinion if a trust is not there in between them. People should have trust in you in order to allow you to come to a point after the collection of opinions and ideas by everyone. People should know that whatever one is going to decide will be beneficial for everyone and this is only possible if they trust the person in charge of decision making (Josephson, 2002).&nbsp.