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Write 29 pages with APA style on The Channel Tunnel. The mega project constantly faced with diverse problems from the onset, such as a financial crisis, technical challenges, plan delay and so on. The paper analyzes these problems or issues with the concepts of megaproject management and gives a comprehensive evaluation of the project.The Channel Tunnel is a 50.45-kilometre submarine rail channel connecting Folkston, Kent in England and Calais place in France, its deepest section reaching 75 meters (Janet 51). The tunnel’s undersea section is approximately 37.9 kilometres that are the longest in the globe. The channel is the second great channel tunnel after Japan’s Seikan Tunnel, which is both longer at 53.85 km, and deeper at 240 meters from the sea level (Janet 51). The Channel Tunnel was a rail proposal from the 1975 project provided by Channel Tunnel Group/ France–Manche (CTG/F–M). Within the tunnel is a Euro bridge of a 4.5 km distance suspension overpass with a roadway in an encircled tube (Srivatsav 10). In addition, there is a Euro route of a 21 km tunnel connecting man-made islands linked by bridges. Lastly, a Channel Expressway of large diameter highway tunnels with middle-channel ventilation towers. Eventually, the proposal by CTG/FM, later to befall Eurotunnel approved. The proposal incorporated a 51.5 km double-rail channel. The Channel Tunnel was to hold both special shuttle trains and through trains for transferring road vehicles. The original bid cost was the US $5.5 billion (Srivatsav 10). Facilitation of the project construction involved two partnerships associated with TransManche Link (TML), a bi-national development organization. The group was at first very centralized, separated into two bi-national syndicates as illustrated below (Srivatsav 13).The Maître d’Oeuvre was contracted as a supervisory monitoring body by Eurotunnel under the terms of the concession. This body monitored project activities and reported back to the governments and banks. Both joint venture companies would take charge of the construction sub-projects on the corresponding sides.