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Write 23 pages thesis on the topic water shortage in new zealand. This research report contained valuable information which included statistics (numerical data) as well as textual information such as information about the websites visited for accessing the data on Territorial Authorities in New Zealand and their various policies and approaches with regard to water supply in the country. Hence in order to enable ease of data recording, interpretation, and analysis, the decision to use and design the excel spreadsheet was made. Another crucial task was to ascertain the number of questions to be asked. For this purpose first, a tentative list was prepared and matched against the research objectives. Based on this criteria a final list of questions was shortlisted. This included a range of information on water supply in the country categorized on the basis of territorial authorities (TAs). A total of 70 TAs were shortlisted and questions such as whether the said TA offer advice on water conservation. whether they have a water meter in place, how much amount of water is supplied to individuals as well as industries. whether the TAs have any plans to implement a water restriction. the existing state of water charge across all TAs etc., and among others. This paper makes a conclusion that the key purpose was to ensure that the questions asked helped in answering the broader research objective. The list of questions compiled was extensive and comprehensive and enabled access to crucial information regarding the state of water supply in the country.