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Write 10 pages thesis on the topic are men the victims of equality in contemporary organizations. The fact that such practices exist indicates that organizations are not gender neutral. Just like certain issues can place women in a disadvantaged position, there could be issues that can place men at disadvantage. It is this exclusion along with the perceived improvement of the position of disadvantaged groups that has contributed to the perception that men have been disadvantaged by equality (Burke and Black reading)However, with the magnitude of such special policies incorporated by organizations for women perhaps they are now putting men at a disadvantage. Besides, the gradual increase of women in workforce could pose the threat of marginalization to men in the organization. This paper discusses if men are turning into victims of equality in contemporary organizations. Given that they have always been the dominant sex and wielded power over women, can they really be victims? The paper discusses factors that may or may not contribute to men’s disadvantaged position.Given that men have outnumbered women in organizations it is difficult to conceive how they can be victims. Traditionally women have been perceived to be the victims of male domination in organizations. They are the ones who face the glass ceiling and find it difficult to get entry into senior positions. If they do manage to get there it becomes difficult for them to sustain at the top due to the isolation they feel from male dominated social network at top management levels. Current research builds on the findings that senior executive leadership is dominated by corporate masculinity, which accommodates women as ‘token’ or ‘other’ (wallaby.vu.edu.au/adt-VVUT/uploads/approved/adt-VVUT20070911.142850/public/03Chapter2.pdf)-Sinclair 1994. Maier 1999. Halford and Leonard 2001).According to Kanter’s Tokenism Theory (Kanter 1977-find articles) it would be the women who hold a token position in organizations.