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Reading 2: Read pp. 94-103, 107-143, Chambers.The instructions below contain several important blue(bold) terms. Please note that leaving one of these out of your answer means points lost.There are many places in the happenings, events, and issues in this reading that point out class inequality, gender inequality, and ethnic inequality.  Cassie’s life story travels through big changes. She leaves her corner of Kentucky, surrounded by the Appalachian Mountains, for private school in New Mexico, Wellesley College, & Yale.One Question:  Discuss each of the three kinds of social inequality listed above (class, gender, ethnic) which occur in this reading.  If you are reading it now, mark pages that show these occurrences so you can find them easily.  You will find biases in many situations Cassie encounters, in attitudes & cultural differences.  Sometimes, she expects these and other times she is surprised. Be sure you include something from each of the three schools she attends in this reading.