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Read the following scenarios. You will choose one scenario to discuss:·         Georgia has been a resident of an independent-living community for approximately 2 years. In recent weeks, staff members have noticed that Georgia has been missing the noon meal often and on one occasion, she left her front door open. Her physical health is good. She takes medication for blood pressure and moderate arthritis. Her family lives approximately an hour away, and Georgia usually has visitors at some point during the weekend. During the last visit, Georgia called her grandson Jack by his father’s name, David.·         Andy is a 12-year-old child of older parents. While he has always performed well on multiple-choice exams, he has difficulty organizing his thoughts for written work. Oftentimes, he has trouble with his verbal delivery when teachers ask him to present information. Though he has friends through his church and junior baseball team, his ability to organize ideas and communicate effectively is beginning to impact Andy’s life: thus, his referral for your help. His parents report that Andy passed a pre-school physical examination with no medical issues noted.·         Brody cannot be told what to do. This 15-year-old’s single mother has come to you for answers about what she terms as “above and beyond normal teenage disobedience.” School assessments demonstrate that Brody’s intellectual abilities are somewhat above average, but his grades suffer due to his tendency to become annoyed and pick arguments with his teacher and other school staff members. Brody’s mom indicates that he has no history of drug use and has only been in trouble within the academic setting, but she worries his argumentative nature will land him in greater difficulty as he continues through high school.Now that you have read and chosen one scenario, answer the following questions.·         Introduce yourself as a case worker assigned to the scenario you have chosen. Introduce your client (from the scenario you chose), and describe some of his or her history and current situation.·         Identify the disorder and the category of the disorder in the scenario you chose.·         Elaborate about the severity of the situation, and classify some of the symptoms the client is experiencing.·         Explain treatment protocols for the disorder based off the scenario you chose. What do you recommend to help this client?