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Read and make brief one page powerpoint with those 3 question.April 28, 1988. Aloha Airlines Flight 243, a Boeing 737, suffered an explosive decompression caused by metal fatigue and corrosion, but was able to land safely in Maui with only one fatality, a flight attendant who was ejected from the aircraft as a large opening was torn in the fuselage and who was never found. As a result of the accident the U.S. Congress passed the Aviation Safety Research Act of 1988 which provided for enhanced research in the critical areas of aircraft maintenance and structural technology. Also in 1991 the Aging Aircraft Safety Act was passed, which called for the inspection and repair of certain components even if they show no visible signs of damage.3 Questions after an AccidentWhat exactly happened?Why did the accident happen?How can w prevent future accidents? ( What I learned)