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PurposeEquity in care is an essential feature of quality healthcare. Implicit and explicit bias can be found in healthcare providers and patients. Unknowingly, these biases can impact patient-clinician interactions, potentially affect outcomes of care, and support systemic structural inadequacies. This assignment will give you an opportunity to explore implicit bias on a personal and healthcare system level. (10 points)Directions1.     View videos1. UCLA video series on implicit bias (7 videos with total of 29 minutes) https://equity.ucla.edu/know/implicit-bias/2. “Respect Ability” (3 minutes) – https://www.respectability.org/inclusive-philanthropy/2.     Review the text and view first three videos (6 minutes total) “Six Interventions to Tackle Unconscious or Implicit Bias” National Center for Cultural Competence (NCCC) https://nccc.georgetown.edu/bias/module-4/2.php 3.     After reading all the materials and viewing the videos, click on the link in the NCCC site and take the Implicit Association Test (IAT) – https://implicit.harvard.edu/implicit/.4.     Assignment:After completing all of the readings, video viewing, and the IAT, write a 2-3-page (bullet points optional) summary that answers the following questions:1.     What is the difference between explicit and implicit bias?2.     What did you learn from taking the IAT? Were you surprised by the results? Will you think about how to change certain behaviors?3.     How do you think that awareness of the existence of explicit and implicit bias might impact you as a health care manager or supervisor?4.     How do you think the awareness of implicit/explicit bias could impact patient-clinician interactions and patient outcomes?5.     What has been your biggest takeaway from this activity?