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Part  1.Respond to the following classmate in a minimum of 100 words:“The concept of probability is how often an event can happen when doing an experiment. Probability can be useful to us when we are wondering how often one type of thing can happen over everything else.An experiment is a test that ends in one type of result that could have multiple results. An experiment is useful to us so we can figure out what works, and what does not work. We can rule out the bad over the good.An outcome is what you get from the experiment. An outcome is useful just like an experiment is. It helps us figure out what is the best way to do things.Sample space is all the outcomes that could come of an experiments. Sample space is useful to us by helping us determine what all could come out of an experiment. We figure out how many outcomes could come of an experiment.” – Sara. MPart 2.Reply to the following classmate in a minimum of 100 words:“Probability is a number that reflects the chance or likelihood that a particular event will occur. Probabilities can be expressed as percentages (ranging from 0-100) and from proportions (ranging from 0-1). When you have a probability of 0 this means that there is no chance at all that this event will occur. When you have a probability of 1 this means that an event is certain to occur. As for percentage wise, lets say we have a 0.55, this means that we have a 55% chance out of the 100 for this event to occur.An experiment is any activity with an observable result. For example, tossing a coin, rolling dice or choosing a marble out of a bag.An outcome is the result of the experiment. So if I handed you a bag of marbles with 10 blue and 10 green and told you to pick two out- whatever you choose out of the bag would be your OUTCOME.The set of all possible outcomes of an experience is a sample space. So if we use the marbles example from above, you could have 3 possible outcomes. EX: 1 blue 1 green; 2 green; 2 blue.An example from a personal experience is when I buy a lottery ticket. The experiment would be buying the lottery in hope to receive a winner. The outcome is whether I win or lose. The sample space is all the possible outcomes of the lottery ticket. I could lose, or win a certain amount of cash based on the type of lottery ticket. Ranging from $1- $10K.” – Jordan A.