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Need help with my writing homework on ETH501, Business Ethics, Mod 3 Case Assignment. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This means that workers will not be treated according to their skills or their performance but on the basis of the genes that they are bestowed with. This kind of practice is unethical as it does not treat workers according to the merit but on the basis of the factors over which the workers have no control. It may ultimately lead unrest among the work place and workplace violence may increase as a result of genetic testing. By knowing their genetic capabilities, people will pair them with those who have similar genetic system and will feel angered and aggravated towards people who have different set of genes. This is again unethical because people will be hired, fired and promoted on the basis of their genes and not on the basis of their performance or merit. If we look at it in a broader perspective, we can conclude that since people will be hired on the basis of their genes and not on the basis of their aptitude, their work is less likely to be as efficient as those selected on merit. Now, we can link it with the ethics of efficient resource usage and can easily conclude that due to incompetent people being hired due to discrimination on the basis of genes, the output of the firm using the specified amount of resources will be less than if people would have been hired on the basis of their competencies and merit. As a result, the firm will make a lesser profit than they should make, the world will get a lesser output than what it should have and in general the whole will suffer as a result of discriminatory practices. This discrimination can also be linked to another very important ethical framework of deontology to conclude that workplace discrimination is bad in all cases. Deontology principle states that regardless of the outcomes, the wrong thing is always wrong. This means that if we commit wrong deed but the reward of these deeds is positive, even in such cases, the wrong actions should not be undertake.