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Need help with my writing homework on Analysis of Soil Samples Collected in the Berth Region: Yanchep, Swan Valley, Southern River, and Scarborough Beach. Write a 4000 word paper answering; After we have conducted and analyzed our tests, a risk management procedure is going to be carried to determine the possible risks that may occur during these tests and finally propose measures that can be taken in order to minimize the risk.Soil is a very fundamental resource that is very crucial in the agricultural industry and more so the engineering sector in building and construction. This plays a very important role in the general economy. The soil has various components that normally play a very crucial role in ensuring that the plant growth occurs in a healthy manner, the regulation of drainage and flow of water is also maintained which is very crucial in engineering and construction.Perth region is located in the coastal plains of Swan a region whose geology is characteristic of sedimentary rocks. The soil samples were collected from four areas: Yanchep, Swan valley, southern River, and Scarborough Beach. In each location, a sample of 100kg of soil was collected for testing in the laboratory and subsequent analysis would follow the test results. This helps to determine the engineering behavior of soils in the Perth region.The tests for soil engineering behavior are very important in the field of Geotechnical engineering. The properties of soil such as compactness, compressibility, permeability, and shear strength help Geotechnical engineers to evaluate the stability of natural slopes and manmade deposits. They are able to make a comprehensive assessment to risks in different engineering sites and hence designers are able to make the most appropriate structures suitable for a particular site.The progress report consists of seven chapters whereby each illustrating a comprehensive approach to soil analysis. The different methods are discussed between chapter 1 and chapter 4 while the rest gives a summary of the discussions, risk assessment, and the sources where this information was obtained from.&nbsp.