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Information Literacy: Research Strategies for Locating and Evaluating InformationSURVEY the ChapterWhat is the title of the chapter?Is there a chapter summary at the beginning or end of the chapter?On what page(s) is the summary located? _____ Read any summary information.List the main subheadings in this chapter. there any graphs, charts, or pictures?If so, describe one or two of the following:Graphs:Charts:Pictures:Are there study questions listed at the end of the chapter? Read any study questions listed.Are there key vocabulary words listed at the end of the chapter? Read any keyvocabulary words listed.Describe in one or two brief sentences what this chapter will be about.QUESTION Yourself About the ChapterTurn the major subheadings that you listed into questions. Use who, What, Where,When, Why, and How when writing your questions.