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I will pay for the following article Do you Believe Terrorism Was a Real Threat in the Early 1920s. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As a result, they had to use violent means in order to be recognized. Any peaceful means of seeking justice was ignored, an aspect that irritated them further. However, it’s clear to understand the reason why some people in society were fed up with violent instigators. This is because in many cases, thousands of people were killed every time there was a confrontation with the state (Watson, 2007). Furthermore, new reforms were being initiated as the political parties were becoming stronger and vocal concerning the needs of the people.Vanzetti was not a martyr. On the contrary, he was an activist who fought very hard in order for the government to listen to the oppressed. He sacrificed himself to fight for other people’s rights in order to enhance equality levels and change the government working structures so as to give people more power to govern themselves. In 1920, there were no real issues to instigate terrorism. The current religious ideologies which have been instrumental in radicalizing people thereby, forcing them to commit the acts of terrorisms were not in existence. Moreover, the majority of the people were very poor and vulnerable. Therefore, their major focus was on how to liberate themselves from oppressive rule. The immigrants, African Americans, and the poor wanted to see a government that was focused on their agendas. In addition, they wanted equality especially in the distribution of resources. The mindset of the people was that they can champion their rights through the use of the existing legal structures and ensuring that they elect responsible leaders who were development-oriented. Many of the leaders who were in power used Vanzetti’s means to get in power. However, once they get into leadership positions, they forget the demises that people are going through. Therefore, people were fed up with these strategies because they were used as stepping stones to power by the activists.&nbsp.The government was using its powers against innocent citizens. The leaders wanted to clinch on power through the use of every available means.&nbsp.