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I need some assistance with these assignment. maximizing learning through vark concept training Thank you in advance for the help! For those with reading/write as their preferred style, the training should include textbooks, notes, and other various handouts that describe the learning concepts. This type of learner would benefit from having subject outlines written or certain lecture notes that have been properly paraphrased and put into documentation (Murphy, et al.). The kinesthetic learner prefers a more hands-on approach, a form of experiential learning. This is a learn-by-doing approach that could involve role-playing in groups or developing hands-on science projects and experimentation to come up with a concept solution (Pashler, et al., 2009). There are several implications for establishing a learning-specific training program for learning. First, it should be recognized that individuals with a strictly kinesthetic learning style make up only a marginal percentage of the national population (studyingstyle.com, n.d.). Establishing tactile learning without a multi-modal approach might only satisfy a small portion of the learning classroom based on this research data. Secondly, some learners, like this student with dual learning styles, might benefit from a multi-modal approach that blends visually with reading/write aspects. This would likely be a better training method when the learning takes place in a group with a high population of learners trying to comprehend the same training concepts, such as a business organization. Many individuals maintain multi-modal learning talents and this should be recognized to ensure that a program maintains elements for multi-modal learners. This might require the trainer to have a competent background in dual learning approaches, or conducting pre-testing in the large classroom, to determine whether multiple methods would have broad comprehension value.