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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Information Systems in Transport and Logistics. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. These individual companies use these type of systems to manage their own resources and alas carry out tasks involving transportation on behalf of their clients. However, these systems are best applicable if the transportation of goods is carried out using a single-mode i.e. a single transport vehicle from the origin to destination.Those systems applicable by authorities for the purpose of receiving information about either future or ongoing transport operations. Other systems that fall under this group include those used in managing traffic i.e. provision of information regarding infrastructure capacity as used by service providers involved in logistic. These systems are normally based on local levels i.e. Port Community Systems that are used for communicating purposes between authorities and other stakeholders in the commercial services around the port. Other examples involve those used at the national level for instance the National Single Window (NSW) systems that are applied in mostly for the regional level. Example of such a system is Safe Sea.The figure below (Figure 1) shows the illustration of such a transport system. For instance from Figure 1, the individual providers of single transport services have developed their own legacy systems used to manage their fleet and also carrying out booking. The following services i.e. a terminal, rail and maritime transport services are centrally managed by a composite service offered by an organization. These organizations may include either a logistics integrator or a freight forwarder and they perform these functions with the help of application of a transport chain management (TCM) system. The second rail, terminal discharge port, warehouse or logistics terminal and provision of a truck for transportation are provided by another second company that is also ether using a second transport chain management (TCM) system or a supply chain management (SCM) systems depending on the situation at hand.