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How Does Strategic Planning Help Prepare a Company for Recovery from a Worldwide Event?The COVID-19 pandemic impacted organizations around the world. The impact was immediate and affected different industries in different countries in different ways. How would a “good strategic management process” help organizations determine what to do next in their business?You will use two specific tools and create an assessment for a Winnipeg-based company that was affected to varying degrees and at different times because of the virus.For this assignment, you are the planning director for Payworks, a Winnipeg-based payroll services company (https://www.payworks.ca/ ) with clients across Canada. Use the two specific tools noted to analyze the important trends and what you see as important and essential factors that must be closely observed for the foreseeable future.You need to submit a document to the Senior Leadership Team providing the following sections:Title Page and Table of ContentsIntroduction – describe the reasons for conducting a value chain assessment and five forces assessment.Create a service structure for Payworks’ Value Chain AssessmentUse the Porter Five Forces model to assess the external environment of Payworks.Conclusion – what did you learn that is important for Payworks to consider in the future.Appendices and any supporting documents Strategic Planning DPS 51040 2001Instructions.The document will have a maximum of twelve (12) pages.Completeness of the introduction, assessment, and conclusion Value chain assessmentFive forces assessmentProfessionalism of the submitted paper. The document would be competent to present to Payworks Leadership Team. This includes proper grammar and spelling.