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Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses the gathering by isobelle carmody. The story revolves around a teenage boy, Nathaniel, who moves into a new neighborhood, Cheshunt. Nathaniel and his mother have been moving houses frequently since the divorce of his parents. He hates his new home because of the strong winds and the abattoir stench that is common in the area. At fifteen, Nathaniel attends Three North School. It is at the school that Nathaniel encounters major challenges, which shape up the rest of his life. The school and the entire neighborhood are overcome by the evil perpetrated through conformity with the status quo. Nathaniel vows to fight evil with the aim of making society a better place. While at the school, Nathaniel befriends Nissa, who becomes his collaborator in the teenage team, The Chain, alongside other members Lallie, Danny, Seth, and Indian. In the wider Cheshunt area, streets are run by violent gangs and feral dogs. Nathaniel and his new friends embark on a mission to uncover the dark past of Cheshunt as they confront the prevailing evil and growth of other gangs such as the gathering.The themes of cooperation and teamwork are very prevalent in the novel. The main protagonist in the story, Mr Karle and other characters like Buddha represent the dark side of human nature, whose focus is to inflict pain in other people. On the other hand, the main character Nathaniel and his friends represent light and peace and aim at defeating the evil propagated by the protagonists. The conflict between these two sides calls for a collaborative effort on either side in order to ensure one of them emerges as the winner in the battle. Nathaniel and his friends form a powerful team called The Chain, which fights to restore peace in Cheshunt. Nathaniel, together with other members of “The Chain” work together to overcome different challenges as they fight to defeat evil in their community.