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Create a 12 pages page paper that discusses today, organisations need no longer concern themselves with service quality, satisfaction and customer loyalty value is now the key to corporate success. Among the many reasons why I agree with the above statement is that value has become a core function in Business Corporation to the extent that it has been relative to the overall organizational endeavour and success in its commercial activities. In essence, values are those principles that govern the existence, purpose and overall activities of an organization. Therefore, every organization is governed by certain principles that constitute its value (Cahill, 2006, 34). Value is a broad concept that underscores the inherent essence of an organization or in simple terms value underscores the organizational personality and moral fibre. As a result, value is of great importance in determining the efficacy of a corporation and has often been described as the key to organizational success in modern times. The evolution of organizations has witnessed a radical change in the priorities that govern organizational success. For instance, there was a time when quality was the core function of organizations and the success of Business Corporations was hinged on the capacity to deliver quality goods and services. During this time, most organizations primarily focused on quality parameters of their products and ignored the other considerations.Previously, the marketing concept defined organizational success as a function of marketing whereby an organization was successful only if it properly marketed its goods and services appropriately. The marketing concept was a quick replacement of the product concept that insisted on quality. In essence, the marketing concept implied that quality was not as important as marketing since customers buy goods on the basis of being persuaded and not on the basis of quality (Hurth, 2006, 8). The customer satisfaction concept, on the other hand, lays emphasis on the satisfaction of customers needs, fantasies and desires as the primary determinant of organizational success.