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Context: Technology is playing an increasingly large role in our lives. From cell phones to social media, technological innovations are changing the way we interact, work, study, relax, and negotiate public spaces.Readings: “What the internet is doing to our brains” by Nicholas Carr; “The Upside of Technology? It’s Personal” by Nick Bilton; “The End of Solitude” by William Deresiewicz; The Circle (book and film); Documentary The Social Dilemma (Netflix). I will upload or paste the readings down below are some of the links!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PF1JgIWbSlQhttps://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/31/fashion/social-media-technology.htmlhttps://www.hermitary.com/solitude/deresiewicz.htmlWriting Task: You will choose one piece of technology (or new media phenomenon) and analyze the impact (positive, negative, or both) that piece of technology has made on society.  The topic I picked is Social Media and everyday life!MY RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC: SOCIAL MEDIA AND EVERYDAY LIFE!This essay should be 8-10 pages in length, 12 pt. Times New Roman font. The paper should include a works cited page (the works cited page does not count towards the page count). Your paper should be written in MLA format and will need to include:1)  An original thesis statement making an argument about your piece of technology. Your paper/thesis could address ONLY one of the following questions: How has/will this technology affect human relationships? Is it helping bring people together or is it pushing people apart? Is there a way in which this technology lessens the “quality” of interactions we have with one another?U.S. residents have some of the highest levels of stress of any nation in the world. Is this piece of technology increasing or decreasing the level of happiness in our everyday lives?How has/will this technology affect global politics or economics?Does this technology widen or diminish race/class/gender inequalities? If so, in what ways? Who has or does not have access to this new technology?How has this technology reduced or increased the amount of privacy we have over our personal information? What role should the government play in regulating information availability?2)  Evidence drawn from at least 6 sources to support your thesis. You must include in your sources at least: 2-3 readings from this class (I have provided the links to the readings and uploaded the book the circle) AND 4 other articles from your own library research (two academic journal articles and other credible sources of your choice).Here are a few other articles I have provided below!https://caccl-laccd.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_doaj_primary_oai_doaj_org_article_d83c3ff9276541d4b2c953f1dacbeda4&context=PC&vid=01CACCL_LACCD:ELAC&lang=en&search_scope=ELAC_LibraryCatalog_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=everything&query=any,contains,social%20media%20and%20everyday%20life&facet=rtype,include,articles&offset=0https://caccl-laccd.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_doaj_primary_oai_doaj_org_article_a68880d1cc644f41b9c9e645b595dc88&context=PC&vid=01CACCL_LACCD:ELAC&lang=en&search_scope=ELAC_LibraryCatalog_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=everything&query=any,contains,social%20media%20and%20everyday%20life&facet=rtype,include,articles&offset=0https://caccl-laccd.primo.exlibrisgroup.com/discovery/fulldisplay?docid=cdi_doaj_primary_oai_doaj_org_article_a68880d1cc644f41b9c9e645b595dc88&context=PC&vid=01CACCL_LACCD:ELAC&lang=en&search_scope=ELAC_LibraryCatalog_and_CI&adaptor=Primo%20Central&tab=everything&query=any,contains,social%20media%20and%20everyday%20life&facet=tlevel,include,peer_reviewed&offset=0https://www.bbvaopenmind.com/en/articles/internet-changed-everyday-life/https://knowledge.wharton.upenn.edu/article/impact-of-social-media/https://ls2pac.lapl.org/?section=resource&resourceid=16932214&currentIndex=0&view=fullDetailsDetailsTab   Digital material : tracing new media in everyday life and technology3). Include an opposing viewpoint and counterargument in your essay. You select where to include the opposing argument.Tips:Possible technologies for study include:Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, ect.Smart PhonesBlogsInnovative Technologies (such as artificial intelligence)Video Games (or specific video games)OrganizationYour essay should have a clear thesis that embodies a brief discussion of the ideas you want to develop for the rest of the essay. Your introduction should show the conflict embedded in the topic you have chosen.The subsequent paragraphs [at least seven—with textual supports from two sources] should have clear topic sentences, each addressing a dominant idea about the topic. Do not state the obvious; instead, show how the essays or articles you are using support or contradict the topic. Also, remember to also develop your personal commentaries. Avoid narrating personal experiences and observations.