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Compose a 2000 words assignment on a kinematic analysis of a dominant versus a non-dominant leg football kick. Needs to be plagiarism free! In this research, two groups are involved. In the first one, it is the ROM/joint flexion while the other group involves the timing of the technique. (Carey, Smith, Shepherd, Skriver, & Rutland, 2001).The qualitative data was gained from the previous lab sessions. The participants were identified and each was given a consent form. The number of markers and their location should be decided on. The plane of movement and the variables that are selected should be considered. The markers should be placed on the anatomical locations on the participant and ball by taping. The class should discuss where to place the six cameras to capture the activity by considering the plane of movement and the marker locations. In order to know the number of cameras that need to see one marker at any one time to reconstruct that markers in a 3D position, the cameras in the lab in the general locations for capture should be positioned. The cameras should then be linked to the cameras with the cables in a chain with the first camera linked to the computer. An additional power source is needed for the fourth camera in the chain. Turn on the power. The software layout is in camera view in different windows. The sampling rate in Hz and exposure time are the camera parameters. During calibration, the calibration frame should be placed in the center of the capture volume that is the L frame and dynamic frame. The camera heights and the tilt should be adjusted. The cameras should be able to view the four points of the calibration frame and the highest marker on the participant and ensure that the calibration frame is at the bottom of&nbsp.the screen. The participants should be brought in to check if the cameras can see all markers throughout the movement of interest before calibration.&nbsp.