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Complete 1 page APA formatted article: Criminal Law U1DB. Criminal Law U1DB We are all familiar with the fact that all criminals must be read their Miranda Rights at the time of their arrest. This is so that the the person under arrest will know what his rights and privileges are under the law. All men are covered by the Miranda Rights, even judges. Even if they are already the ultimate enforcers of the law, they must be read their Miranda Rights before the police or arresting officer can perform any interrogations and the like. In the case mentioned for our class, I am of the opinion that the attorney for the judge was right to request him to suppress the evidence that was gathered from him during interrogation on the basis that his Miranda Rights were not read to him before he was detained and questioned by the police. Therefore the activities that followed his arrest were all unlawful and should be held inadmissible in court. The prosecution may argue that the judge did not need to be read his rights because he was familiar with the procedures but the law pertaining to Miranda Rights but there is an inconsistency in that argument. The Miranda Rights does not make any exception in coverage. Nowhere in the law does it say that judges do not need to be read their rights because they are all knowledgable of the law. Therefore, the judge must be read his Miranda since his rights as an individual are covered by the law governing Miranda Rights ( “Miranda Rights Answers and Questions”).SourcesLongley, P. (2013). Miranda rights questions and answers. U.S. Government Info. about.com. Retrieved from http://usgovinfo.about.com/cs/mirandarights/a/mirandaqa.