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Instructions:Assume that you are a newly hired IT security manager. Your company has reported rapid growth but has had a hard time keeping up with security demands. Recently, unexpectedly, they lost their network administrator who also handled security. After completing your assessment of the network, the security policies, and the tools being used, you have discovered that auditing tools and logs have not been used properly. You also discovered that the company does not currently have intrusion detection systems (IDS) and intrusion prevention systems (IPS) tools. You are charged with explaining the deficiencies to senior management. You also want to justify the purchase of IDS and IPS tools for the company.Create a PowerPoint presentation of at least six slides that explains the following tools:Logs: Explain the purpose of monitoring logs, their importance in understanding threats, what information the logs contain, and their relevance as an auditing tool in determining network health.IDS/IPS tools: What are they, and how do they work? How may they be used as auditing tools in assessing network health?Be sure to provide examples of how these tools should be used in your organization.Be sure to cite all sources used in a references slide with proper APA formatting. Title and references slides are not included in the total slide count.You may also use the speaker notes function to show how your PowerPoint would be presented and to provide a transition from one slide to the next.