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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on tim hortons coffee partnership. It is evident that there has been a growing public interest with regard to issues such as fair trade where, the advanced nations seem to gain from the developing nations by exploiting the underdeveloped country‚Äôs resources (Bochenek & Lukasz 2013, p.143). For instance, according to a survey of Tim Horton’s, it is evident that customers using their coffee are worried about the plight of the coffee farmers who reside in the underdeveloped world and mostly exploited by western firms without being provided proper incentives. As a strategy, it is important for Tim Hortons to clear its name concerning the exploitation of coffee growers from Central and South America by western companies (Bochenek & Lukasz 2013, p.148).It seems in the public domain that, while people are enjoying coffee in the western world, on the other side, the coffee growers are living in squalid conditions regardless of the profits that coffee realizes in the western world. In creating fair-trade terms, it is important for western companies that are purchasing coffee beans from farmers in the Americas to use their gains to help these farmers improve their economic conditions. In such a step to help the coffee growers to improve their conditions, Tim Hortons Inc. has recognized the need to improve the economic situation of coffee farmers in the regions where the company sources its coffee. While improving the economic situation of coffee farmers is a priority for the campaign, Tim Hortons Inc., also found it necessary to build social capital for the coffee growers. Building social networks is an important aspect when initiating community programs. This is because, having social networks for this campaign, play a role in bringing coffee farmers together in order to work effectively and to achieve success with the campaign (Anette & Yuval 2013, p.71). Conversely, while working on a program meant to benefit the coffee growers, it is important to consider both the social and physical environment of the coffee growers. This includes looking at the social setting and the immediate physical setting in which the coffee farmers live. This provides the campaign with a clear view of what needs to be done to improve the lives of the coffee farmers in the regions that Tim Hortons Inc. buys its coffee.