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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on freemasons: cultivating ethical behavoiur in civil society. This is a very pivotal aspect of the civil society – under which humans live and interact with one another.Cultivating an ethical behavior within a society is the need of the hour, and more so because any society could do wonders with people who are morally-driven and who know how to interact with one another in an ethical way. This suggests that such people are educated, understand the value systems within a society, are ingrained to do their best at all times and under every situation that comes about, and so on and so forth. These people are generally very clear as per the practical undertakings that they are required to do within the different tenets of the society. They give their best no matter how tough the times are and always look up to the ethically correct people in order to seek inspiration. They usually go out of their way to find solace when the talk goes out loud regarding the ethical behaviors in a society. A civilized society can only come about when people are inclined to give their very best, day in and day out. This is however a very important disposition from a general standpoint and there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule at all.Moving ahead, it is always very reasonable to find out about the people who are ethically-driven within any society. These people give their best no matter how tough the times are and are thus inclined to be one step ahead of the rest of the community members. They are the active players within any society and thus give their inputs whenever there is one such need. In fact, they give their perspective when there is no requirement of it at all. This is a very interesting aspect because generally these people embody a very positive mindset, one that speaks volumes about their character and personality in essence. Reasoning is provided in the form of their actions and not merely words that are delivered through them.