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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on circuit of culture and media. Undoubtedly, significant practices of culture give communities their identities. Consequently, the media has been sought to extend this cherished cultural practice by creating programs that are oriented towards entertaining the public. In contemporary society today, the music and dance industry is one of the most active globally. ‘Breakdance style’ is a distinct dancing style that has been overwhelmingly embraced since its invention back in the 1970s (Beezley and Curcio, 2012: 106). This essay seeks to locate the breakdance style in culture circuits and explore diverse socio-cultural issues surrounding it.Breakdance, also known as ‘b-boying’ is a dancing art that existed fairly enough. Discovered in the year 1970 by young African-American individuals, the street dance has stood the test of time, and hitherto, it is still practiced. The style can be attributed accurately to a few youths who previously, were participants in various dance crews such as Young Spade. Upon its invention, the style was adopted and developed by New York’s Puerto Rican, who transmitted and broadcasted it up to the 1980s making it spread across America and even beyond. The media then further aired across the world making it become popular. Today, the dance style has been used in millions of music videos by different celebrities. It is also taught by different schools not only as a street dance style but also as professional dance art (Schloss, 2009: 130).Although invented in the United States, breakdance has been able to sustain and spread all over the world and today almost everyone knows about or has heard about ‘breakdancing’. The early development of technological know-how and the existence of veteran media houses in the United States were some of the facilitators of this art across the world. According to Hegde (2011: 121), culture is only effective when it can be practiced by a considerable number of people. The fact that breakdance intrigued quite a number of people and pierced through several societies make this dancing style effective and dominant. Produced by youths at a time when the youths were identifying themselves with music that needed their flexibility skills, as well as energy, the style brought a major socio-cultural change in the entertainment industry. Several movies and video clips have since been produced and uploaded on YouTube demonstrating how it is performed.