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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Personal Theory of Constructivist Teaching. Your paper should be a minimum of 1250 words in length. The paper aims to fully explore the dimensions of the constructivist approach and apply a personal perspective to the methods that can be used in constructivist teaching (Fosnot, 1996).In order to follow the constructivist approach, the curriculum provided to students in schools should support the methods applied in the theory. Since the constructivist approach encourages learning through prior knowledge and focuses upon practically applying concepts rather than simply letting teachers give students information, the curriculum framework should be of an analytical nature (Zahorik, 1995).Hence, the curriculum should contain problem-solving activities or application testing activities instead of lessons that have to be learned. Students should be allowed to comment and give feedback regarding their opinions on different topics, and the curriculum should thus involve participative activities in which maximum interaction with the students is required. Theories and other direct lessons should not be a major part of the curriculum, but students must be given the opportunity to ponder topics while teachers provide guidance regarding what experts say about the topic comparative to the students’ opinion. The student should not be forced to think a certain way or be given lessons to memorize, but the curriculum should be structured to allow students room to think (Zahorik, 1995).The philosophy underlying the constructivist approach to teaching is that students learn from their own prior experiences and form knowledge on the basis of prior knowledge. Hence, it is not adequate to give the students a detailed lesson in which information is disseminated to the students. the students learn by providing opinions and views on a topic and listening to the views of others (Olsen, 1999).The theory encourages a hands-on approach in which the students are required to&nbsp.construct their own learning process and are in charge of learning new things in their own manner. Students are encouraged to use their thoughts and analytical processes to decipher phenomena and understand concepts.