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Write 9 pages with APA style on Environmental Damage at Burgan Oil Field in Kuwait: History, Clean-up and Future Policy. Since the beginning of the 21st Century news of various shipwrecks with crude petroleum and fuel petroleum as cargo made the headlines of every new channel and newspaper constantly. These oil spills endangered the ecological balance of the sea. But in this paper, we will discuss the oil spills which occurred during the Gulf war and its environmental influence on the regions of the oil spills. It has been mentioned that during the Gulf War that is from Aug 1990 – Feb 1991, the Arabian and Persian Gulf along with the Kuwait Desert evidenced the largest oil spill ever in history. Approximate 240 million gallons of oil spill had occurred during this Gulf War. If we observe history it will be clear that these spills were deliberately done by the Iraqi forces during the invasion of Kuwait to damage the Kuwaiti economy. Iraqis deliberately disposed of oil in Gulfs and they destroyed the facilities of oil production, storage, etc. Oil leakage from these facilities enabled to form of numerous oil lakes, these lakes were approximately 2 meters deep. Many of the oil wells were torched and the air became polluted with aerial deposition of partially combusted particles of oil, the non-combustible products of the oil fires also aggravated the pollution level to a large extent. As these oil spills and oil fires caused too much environmental hazard Kuwaiti Government accordingly took various measures to control the environmental pollution.&nbsp.Kuwait is located on the Persian Gulf. It has several important and productive oil fields. The largest of Kuwait’s oil fields is called Burgan. According to Al-Hashem, “The Greater Al-Burgan oil field has an area of349.65 km2 and lies 20 kilometers to the south of KuwaitCity”. (Al-Hashem, 2007)Iraq invaded Kuwait on August 2, 1990, and the war caused severe environmental damages to Kuwait’s oil fields. The worst damage was the burning of oil wells and fields in Burgan and Ahmadi. The explosions of the burning wells released toxic gases and unburned oil in the shape of oil-mist that was carried to distant places for about 50 km2 (Al-Hashem, 2007).&nbsp.