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Write 15 pages thesis on the topic construction practice and information technology. The flexibility of staff has always been essential in the construction businesses with respect to place and time. In this scenario, information and communication technology (ICT) helped in shaping this kind of society by providing excellent communication gadgets such as mobile and wireless devices that benefit every individual for promoting or monitoring their business. &nbsp.People are becoming more independent that yield the independence of mobility for members involved in the construction market and business. Without a doubt, mobile technology and wireless connectivity can be integrated with the construction places to make sure the effective transmission of instantaneous data and information all the way through corporate operations (Koseoglu & Nielsen, 2005. Garza & Howitt, 1998).Additionally, the research has shown that people working in the construction sector are not fully conceiving advantages of wireless and mobile computing. In fact, they have not approved and accepted the integration of these technologies with their work tasks. That is why technology does not seem to be at a particular place in the field of the construction sector. It is an admitted fact that wireless computing is very much advantageous if it is implemented and used effectively. There are many examples of wireless technology that have been proved to be an excellent source of success such as location-aware computing. In addition, these successful examples have proven the success and usefulness of mobile and wireless technologies particularly for the construction sector. In fact, in many cases, mobile and wireless computing has received great appreciation and provided a marvelous return on investment within a few months of its implementation (May et al., 2005).Moreover, in the past few years, the users of mobile and wireless computing have increased to a greater extent. In fact, the majority of business organizations have started carrying out their business tasks by using wireless and mobile computing. In addition, the implementation of mobile and wireless technology allows them to immediately interact with consumers, rapidly share data, minimize paperwork, and rework.