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This the video link- ——— Death and salvation in renaissance Florence: Masaccio, The Holy Trinity – YouTubeQuestion(!)Why does Ugolino da Siena’s Last Supper look somewhat unnatural?A.  It does not use perspective drawing technique, and the space seems unnatural as a result. B. It is using atmospheric perspective. C. It does not convey a sense of volume in the figures.D.  All of the above E None of the aboveQuestion 2The spot where the parallel lines in a perspective drawing intersect is called the_________________.(2 words)—————————————————Question 3 What is the technique that painter Carravagio uses in depicting the strong contrasting values in The Calling of St. Matthew ? ________________________ (One word. Spelling must be correct!)—————————————————Question 4  The purpose of a perspective drawing technique is to create a sense of depth and realistic space on a two dimensional surface.  True FalseQuestion 5All the figures in The Holy Trinity are placed in the same space.*Refer to Holy Trinity video in Module 4.* True FalseQuestion 6  The Holy Trinity is an example of a__________________ drawing technique.A.   one-point perspective B. two-point perspective C. three-point perspective D. four-point perspectiveQuestion 7 The video explains that the Holy Trinity clearly shows evidence of a Renaissance artwork. Which of the following does NOT support this explanation?*Refer to Holy Trinity video in Module 4.* A. Masaccio includes ancient Greek and Roman architecture in the painting such as Corinthian style columns. B. Musculature of Christ is depicted in a naturalistic and anatomically correct manner. C. Masaccio uses one-point perspective that was devised during the early Renaissance. D. Masaccio paints pointy Gothic columns that were the dominant style of his time.Question 8 Going by the placement of the shadows in this figure drawing  by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, which direction is the light coming in from?A.  From the back.B.  From the left-hand side.C.  From the top right-hand corner.D.  From the front.Question 9 How does Asher Durand convey a sense of distance in Kindred Spirits? (choose 2)A.  Far away objects are more faded and closer objects have more definition.B.  He uses atmospheric perspective. C. He uses one point perspective. D. He uses the vanishing point.Question 10 From the video, pause at a frame that shows Masaccio’s Holy Trinity in the space of the chapel.  In other words, pause where the video features the wall surrounding the space of the painting as well as the painting itself.  There are multiple shots of these in the video and any of those will work. Take a screenshot of BOTH the painting and the surrounding space. Upload your screenshot.This is a quiz designed for you to notice how Masaccio utilized a flat surface and made a three-dimensional space. If your screenshot does not include the surrounding wall space, no points will be given.Upload