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Read the article “Biro Sentenced to Life in Winnetka Slayings” by Terry Wilson.When you’re finished, write a ONE PAGE double spaced reflection about the article and how it fits into our larger unit.┬áHere are some questions you MAY want to consider in your response:- Did David deserve leniency in his sentence because of his age? Or was his crime so heinous that he deserved to get life without parole?- Even if you feel GENERALLY that teenagers should not get LWOP, do you feel like David’s case might be one of the exceptions where it is warranted?- How does his behavior in the courtroom influence how you feel?- Knowing what you know about teenage brains, do you think a “not-fully-developed-frontal-lobe” played a part in the decisions David made that night?- Do you think that if the judge knew what we now know about teenage brains he would have sentenced David differently?