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Lord of the Flies Chapter 7 ResponseOverviewThis is your first of many chapter “responses!” As I mentioned in class, we are pivoting away from the chapter journals and quizzes to focus more of our attention on reflecting, writing, and discussing. These chapter responses have several goals:1. They extend and enhance our thinking about/reading of LOTF by allowing us to dig in and reflect on our experience of the novel,2. They serve as a low-stakes way to continually strengthen and develop our writing skills,and3. They provide an avenue for me to hear and respond to your thoughts as an individual in a way I cannot during whole-class discussions.InstructionsBelow is the information you’ll need to craft your Chapter 7 response. This information will be different for each chapter’s response, allowing us the opportunity to explore many different ways of thinking/reflecting//writing.. The rubric contains my expectations broken down into individual categories to consider as you think and write.PurposeThe purpose of this response is to reflect on your personal experience of Chapter 7 and to analyze what elements in the text and in your own life led you to this experience.AudienceThe audience of this response is someone who has read Chapters 1-7 of Lord of the Flies. The tone should be more formal as if you are writing an essay.PromptConsider which scene grabbed your attention the most during Chapter 7. Why did this scene stand out to you? Think about any emotions, memories, or sensory elements that rose up in you during that scene. What particular lines, language, or other textual elements contributed to that experience of this scene?