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InstructionsThe Fig Technologies Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has received several requests for transfer to the United States from nations of diminished tolerance. The ELC has asked you to develop a presentation briefly explaining the history of diversity-based legislation. In your presentation, describe the challenges of legislating diversity, and compare historical legislation of diverse populations to more recent diversity legislation. Also, explain how diversity legislation impacts ethnic, orientation, and gender groups as well as those of age, appearance, and perceived disability.At least two additional resources should be used in addition to your textbook, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. All sources should be cited and referenced properly using APA formatting. The presentation should consist of a title slide, a minimum of 10 slides of content, and a reference slide. Since this is a presentation, at least one slide should include a graphic or chart to present information.The textbook for my class is: Diversity in Organizations, 3rd Edition; Cengage Learning  VBID 9781337655705* Please make sure you read and understand this PowerPoint assignment. If you are not proficient in the subject and PowerPoint, please do not ask for this work. The presentation MUST be 10 slides not including the title and reference page.  I have been receiving A’s for my work so far and I do not want to break that level. I am happy to correspond with you if you have any questions regarding the instructions.