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I need some assistance with these assignment. the initiation of esl observations Thank you in advance for the help! A specified approach that has been designed to meet the objectives of conducting English language instruction is that of English as a second language (ESL) (Carrasquillo 4). The scope of this framework is focused on instructing students whose native language is not English to achieve a level of proficiency in the use of the language.The utilization of designated teaching methodologies and strategic models in ESL essentially aims to shed light on how the specialized development of this framework is aided by the execution of teaching approaches that have been formulated by experienced trainers, teachers and practitioners in the field of English language teaching (Carrasquillo 4). The extensive teaching methodologies which are utilized in ESL comprise of but are not limited to the use of pattern practice techniques, the assessment of meanings in the teaching of the oral component of the English language, and assisting students in comprehending the structural components of the language (Carrasquillo 4).The preceding approaches and methodologies which have been discussed in this examination focus on understanding and exploring a dimension of ESL teaching which is linked with providing students with the necessary tools for aiding the learning process. However, another critical dimension of ESL is linked with assessing the students on their learning and the knowledge which they have attained throughout the teaching process. As identified previously, the process of teaching ESL is challenging and complex in comparison with other teaching ventures because it is highly specialized and focuses on teaching a unique group of students in learning a language with which they are unfamiliar or have limited knowledge of.Given this observation, it is important to highlight that as a comprehensive and highly specialized approach to teaching, ESL offers a distinguished system for conducting an assessment that transcends the scope of traditional assessment features by providing alternative assessment systems. According to Von Heller, the integration of alternative assessment methods in&nbsp.bilingual education focus on acknowledging the notion that students who are undergoing academic programs of such nature require the unparalleled consideration of teachers and instructors (135).