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I need some assistance with these assignment. the genetic sequences implicating west african origin Thank you in advance for the help! Current scientific advancements allow an individual to determine whether they came from the lineage of Bible figures Moses and Aaron, or of Genghis Khan, US President Jefferson, and other historical figures.Before the advent of molecular technology, ancestral lineage is based on the recollection of and stories passed by the oldest living family member to the younger family members. People born from the same continent also have some attachment, as it seems logical to think they could have come from the same ancestors because of the proximity of their parents to one another. Now, DNA analysis becomes a way of objectively verifying those theories. By comparing the nucleotide sequences of samples against a sequence database from more than 75, 000 indigenous and traditional populations from all over the world, (Biological and Environmental Research Information System, 2010), DNA sequence unique to people from a certain continent, country, town, village or family may be identified (Rotimi, 2003). These populations are each composed of people living within a particular region for several generations and maintaining the same culture (Biological and Environmental Research Information System, 2010). Anyone who would like to determine his or her group of origin can thus look for these unique sequences in his or her own genome.An example of a population seeking to define their ancestral origin and the populations that have the same ancestors is African-Americans. Certainly, the parallelism in their experiences with slavery and obvious similarities in appearance motivate the effort of linking African-Americans with modern-day Africans.The results of many DNA studies suggest that the common female (140, 000 years old) and male (60, 000 years old) ancestors of modern humans are from Africa. Migration started 65, 000 years ago, when they populated southern Asia, China, Java, and Europe (Biological and Environmental Research Information System, 2010). Such movement has caused a modern human population, such as African-Americans, to be genetically-diverse.