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I need some assistance with these assignment. chinese textile description Thank you in advance for the help! The discovery of the use of silk in textile is what awarded China its recognition in the textile industry. The patterns in Chinese textile are based on their culture. Various symbols signifying the environment are used to give certain messages. Different colors are also used to signify various emotions. Globally, China is recognized as the first country to engage in the textile industry. Currently, the industry has expanded enormously with the Chinese clothes being worn beyond China. Civilization has led to the incorporation of various designs and textile designs which has ensured a place in the global market.Traditionally, Chinese textile was decorated using symbols that had meaning in their lives. Some symbols are based on religious and cultural practices. In the Chinese culture, they are twelve main symbols that have been incorporated into the textile industry. The number and type of symbols are indicative of the social status, moral standing and cultural heritage of the wearer. The emperors’ robes were decorated with twelve symbols that symbolized their character. The symbols of the sun, the moon, and the constellation were used to show the light and the wisdom of the wearer. Thus, the appearance of the above three symbols on the role of a man showed that he was a leader (for example, an emperor). Symbols of mountains on robe are used to symbolize the leadership power of the leader.The symbol of a dragon on a leader’s robe indicates that he can adapt to different situations and make laws that are favorable to his people depending on the situation. Depending on the rank that the leader held, there would be a definitive number of the dragon symbols indicating their power. Flowery creatures and a sacrificial vessel indicate the prowess of the emperor in education and their ability to pacify any rebellion.&nbsp.