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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on obama’s job Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The editorial examines the passion of Obama for lifting his country from the financial and economic downturn. When evaluated clearly, this aspect indicates the intricate projection of the editorial about the highlights of Obama’s speech on the employment status in America. The editorial here is published in several paragraphs, which emphasize various elements of Obama’s speech on the job issue. This editorial also presents statistical data about the job issue in America. However, the paragraphs of the editorial are too short and abrupt. It is also noticeable here that, apart from the job issue, the editorial exemplifies the stand of Republicans on the matters discussed by Obama in his speech.In this section, the attempt is made to criticize the editorial subject from a logical perspective. When contemplating on any subject, it is extremely essential for the critique to evaluate and assess the matter with proper reasoning. The editorial presents brief statistics about the number of Americans who are unemployed during the recession period. These statistics are used by the editorial in order to assist the readers in estimating the dire situation of America. For instance, the initial paragraph of the editorial shows the eagerness of President Obama to get support from the public for the effort of igniting the economy of America.According to the editorial, “With more than 14 million people out of work and all Americans fearing a double-dip recession, President Obama stood face to face Thursday night with a Congress that has perversely resisted lifting a finger to help” (“The Jobs Speech” par. 1). This paragraph explores the perplexing situation of the American President is inviting support from the public and in creating sympathy in the minds of the readers who are dispersed internationally. The latter part of the editorial states that it is possible that the new generation will not accept the speech of Obama. In a sarcastic way, the editorial demands that Obama takes action rather than building a castle in the air.