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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on googles competitive strategies Paper must be at least 2000 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Chandler (2004) describes that this continuous process of managing and formulating business decisions improves a company’s competitive strength thus it is able to position itself better in the market. The above study shows the aggressive competition between companies providing wireless devices which include Google, Microsoft etc. Goggle and Microsoft have been faced with various kinds of strategic issues and these have resulted in acquisitions and merging with other internet providers in order to have a competitive position. Recently, Google has announced that it is about to introduce another operating system that will aim at competing with its rival Windows. Microsoft, on the other hand, has introduced another system involving Office 10 which will offer its users free online services and especially to the office applications (Lei-da and Ravi 2004). Microsoft has also introduced another search engine known as Bing that will aim at increasing its market share and thus beating its competitors in this case Goggle. This battle between the wireless providers is to continue for a long time as each company always avoids the other from dominating the market. Ryan (2009) describes that the fight is meant to show which of the two companies is to lead technological innovations. The two companies operate on different strategic management and use different theories in management this makes it a reason why they both survive pressures in the economic environment. According to Siau and Shen (2003) in 2008, for example, Google managed to generate more than $22 billion in revenue, among this, 97 percent of revenue was from commercials which are purchased by the keyword then located near search results. They can also be placed on pages around the web. Much of the revenue made by Google is from collecting its online applications for mother companies whereby the charges are not less than $50 for every person per year. This method tends to give away their online text editor, their emails and other programs such as spreadsheet programs (Sabat 2002). Comparing this with Microsoft where they made around $14.3 billion in&nbsp.only the Microsoft Word and PowerPoint which are mostly used in various kinds of business applications and these records are for the last eight months.&nbsp.