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Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on fitness club system Paper must be at least 2750 words. Please, no plagiarized work! The basis of this system is to manage effectively the available resources involved in The Fitness Center namely the members, fitness consultants and the higher management of the company involved in strategic decisions.The first section details out the primary purpose to come up with an IT solution for the company and the advantages to the stakeholders of the company. It follows with the roles of the people involved in this project.The Information system deployed here will help the company and its members in identifying their individual goal and contribute to the overall objective of the company to create a competitive edge over others in the similar business.Enveloping an information system, which happens to be quite a erode of time, effort and money, would put the company in the digital world to manage all its business processes, may how small or big it be, effectively creating a record of the activities and covering all the deficiencies of the manual system.Members: The current and prospective members would use the system to feed in their personal data and reason as to which they have joined the Fitness center. The members may have various objectives while joining the center. Some are for simple fitness programs while others have different objective. The system would take care of all those and keep the latest details about performance and other measures such as future interests.Solution: This system provides with user inputs to a large variety of questions to analyze their needs and future goals to get them the best they desire. Constant monitoring is a very important activity.They form a major part of the system and handle a lot of tasks relating to the members activities and alignment to several other programs and future interests.