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Create a 4 pages page paper that discusses final marketing plan. management strategy, the company will move forth by promising its customers to provide secured services without hampering their assets or interests to welfare. The services provided by the company will therefore be entirely environment friendly. The products and the devices used by the company will also take due care of the customers’ needs, which often remain unaddressed. The company will also provide extreme care and privacy security to their clients during servicing, which is quite likely to increase customer satisfaction ultimately.At the initial stage, the company will mainly target the commercial market as its future customers. As per estimations, there are approximately 30,000 small and large businesses, comprising the group of targeted customers of the company. The company is expected to have a huge growth in its business process by targeting those customers, as it will also ensure limited competitive effects on the same. It has been expected that small offices are the potential customers of the company, which will help the company to achieve growth in the short-run. This targeting strategy of the company to attract the big business organization and sophisticated customers, will be a great opportunity for the company to expand (Iyer & et. al, 2005).The segmentation strategy of the company emphasizes targeting the customers in geographical basis. Contextually, the company has decided to increase its business by targeting the local or the regional customers and commercial customers (Jenkins & McDonald, n.d.).“Get It Done Office Pro’s” will be a cleaning service provider company. The uniqueness in the company’s services is to provide security during the office cleaning process and provide high-level security to maintain privacy to all its clients and their assets.