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CompetencyEvaluate cloud application benchmarking and tuning procedures.ScenarioYou are the cloud engineer for a construction company. Your company stores their complex architecture drawings on the public cloud. The company has created a web application that allows clients to review the architecture drawings from this public cloud. The architectural drawings are large, which causes performance issues. Clients need to download the large files on their computers, causing an impact on the web site and creating client computer performance issues. You are aware of benchmarking tools which can evaluate cloud service performances. Your manager asks you to compare some of these tools and recommend one to be implemented.InstructionsProvide a proposal to your leadership to recommend a benchmarking tool and cloud services application. The proposal should include the following points.A list of available cloud benchmarking toolsA comparison of this listAn explanation of the importance of benchmarkingA License Model for cloud benchmarking toolsThe steps used to evaluate the performance of benchmarking toolsA description of the different ways to tune cloud services for improving performanceBe sure to use a professional tone and check your spelling and grammar. Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resourcesLengthMicrosoft Word, 5 pages