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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mermaid beach prospective development. “Mermaid Beach is, however, known for its millionaire’s row of beachfront homes. Many prestigious business owners buy and sell the beautiful beachfront properties on the famed Hedges Avenue because of its location and prestige.” (Things to see and do 2007)1. The purpose of planning is to ensure that there are no threats to the environment or ecological imbalances in the neighborhood. Planning mainly deals with floor density, which is the density of the apartment floor area in proportion to the total land area in which the building is housed. High-rise buildings have very high density, which could be environmentally hazardous. In case the density limits are not observed, the resultant population increase could result in traffic congestions, air, and noise pollution, which would lower the quality of life in the neighborhood. There is no reference as such. This has been stated as a general consequence of the proliferation of high-rise buildings in regions. (REF) “Public preference for a light rail transit (LRT) system, rather than a “Bus Rapid Transit” system, seems to be running high in Australias Gold Coast.” ( News: Right rail now 2007).2) The purpose of a town planning scheme (TPS) is to control and regulate the use and development of land in a specific town or region. It is meant to provide zonal jurisdiction for essential infrastructure like roads, shops, traffic, etc., and requires “all public and private landowners to comply with planning scheme requirements so an integrated approach to risk reduction can occur” (Effective Risk Reduction: Planning Safer Communities 2002). I opened the web but I couldn’t reach the information (Effective Risk Management: Section 6.6.3 P. 53)On the other hand, scheme provisions are meant to provide a legal cloak in aiding the regional planning process, and normally includes, dealing with matters concerning more than one local government control areas.”Up to the 1980s, development plans and codes relied on prescriptive standards, which laid down, in quite concrete (and often numerical) terms, how development must occur…. Site (See site provided at the end of this para)-specific plans now rely more on a performance-based approach. Performance-based codes are concerned with defining.