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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on mercedes benz. Effective customer relationship is very important to the success of any organization to enable it provides the right products and services to its customers. It is of great importance to understand what customers want, and the online communities have taken the opportunity to serve as a platform to provide any information on the customers’ needs. Through the social media such as the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, business professionals can communicate effectively on matters concerning their business activities. One of the organizations that have incorporated the social media in its operations is the Mercedes Benz Company that deals with high-quality cars. The social media has helped it climb the ladder to great heights and get a big share of the world market.Company ProfileMercedes-Benz Cars development-Daimler AG is an organization dealing with quality cars with its headquarters in Germany Sindelfingen City (Daimler.com, 2015). The company uses a Language or Speech Technology integrator and is the first automotive speech dialog system since 1996 in which it can voice-operate the car phone in high-end car lines. Its main research areas are Speech Dialog Systems, Speech Recognition, and Automatic Testing of speech technology. The organization is a global automotive Organization that was started in 1886 by Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz and has several companies such as Mercedes-Benz South Africa, Sandown Motor Holdings, Daimler Fleet Management, and Atlantis Foundries. Some of its executive directors are H Werner as the CFO, A Van Merwe as the CEO: MBSA, JF Evertse as the head of Human Resources, JJ Van Zyl, and FJ Seidler (Daimler.com, 2015). The organization has other members such as the board members, and the new –executive directors to run its activities. The main products are Mercedes Benz cars, Mercedes-Benz trucks, buses, vans, Freightliner, smart cars, and Western Star.The use of Social MediaMercedes Benz organization has many fans especially on Facebook, which was over 17 million as of November 2014. Its Facebook page is one of the most valuable in the automobile industry valued at 7.2 million Euros (Daimler.com, 2015).