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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Sociological Explanations for Inequalities in Health Care. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. Quality or inequality, especially dependent on the social status on the individual or high social-economic status gives high-quality health care, considering rich countries how to devote and concerned about health care, as a base for progression and inverse. Countries with the shallowest gradient between the rich and the poor (e.g. Japan) have the best health indicators while those with steep gradients between the rich and the poor (e.g. the USA) have the worst health indicators. Observing low-status ethnic groups it came out that they face severe economic discrimination starting from access to loans and to basic of participation in economic life, such as healthcare and health insurance, adequate schooling and access to the legal system. This leads to the explicit outcomes of lower wages and participation in the informal sector of the economy with its increased exposure to health hazards at work and correlation with addiction and violent behavior. These political and economic inequalities are added to by a general disparagement and denigration of cultural values and health belief systems, and stereotypical representation of ethnic groups as responsible for their own problems. The social pattern experiences of poorer health are based on a class position concerning gender health issues and ethnicity. People in lower classes suffer more from chronic disease and their children weightless at birth and they are shorter. There are also market inequalities in access to preventative services. National and international patterns of growing inequalities of wealth and income in the West mean that inequalities of health are also widening. The experience of poverty, homelessness, and unemployment –socio-economic inequality – results in social exclusion, a lack of social networks and low levels of social support resulting in low self-esteem leading to greater vulnerability to disease and early death.