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You will prepare and submit a term paper on Global Warming Phenomenon. Your paper should be a minimum of 2250 words in length. Seeking to address global warming, this research paper will provide a comprehensive and in-depth overview of the global warming phenomenon. We will begin with a discussion of the evidence in support of global warming and explore the connection between global warming and climate change. Since we aim to provide an accessible analysis of what global warming actually is, we will then analyze the causes and effects of this recent international phenomenon. Following this, and with an eye to the impact of global warming on the state of California, we will explore the possible consequences to the United States of the continuation of global warming. Global warming and climate change are two terms that are often used interchangeably. Has a link between global warming and climate change been established? Yes, global warming is caused by an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. As we shall see below, the effects of global warming include changes in atmospheric temperatures and rainfall, which can lead to climate change (Arnella & Reynardb 1996: 397). Global warming is most generally described as an average increase in the Earth’s temperatures. Importantly, global warming is not only a present phenomenon but is perceived as something which is expected to continue and increase annually. Global warming is the reputed cause of climate change on an international scale leading to extreme weather, ranging from uncharacteristic snowfall in autumn to extremely mild winter temperatures, major changes to precipitation trends, glacial&nbsp.retreat, species extinction, desertification and a rise in sea levels.