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Write a 9 pages paper on women in swimming. Commercialization has crept in and the female swimmer is posed in a sexualized manner. She may do it willingly or the cameraman might have clicked her in that position. A female swimmer’s achievement in sports lasts for the duration of the performance but her sexy poses are cashable and marketable for many years. The athletic performance takes the back seat as compared to her sexy poses. Top swimming stars do would not like to miss the opportunities for making a fortune. In real terms, prize-money accrued out of a bunch of gold medals is kindergarten stuff as compared to the massive returns an attractive pose in the swimsuit may fetch for a top athlete. Sport sells but sex sells better! Yes, those poses looking at which the viewer rolls their eyes and sighs in exasperation. Whether it is right or wrong from the sociological point of view, female swimmers are presented by both the print and electronic media, by highlighting their physical assets. The articles also emphasize the swimmer’s sexuality and the photographs are mostly to highlight their sexual features. When they get contracts as models by the multinational giants, the advertising people make their figure more glamorous by lighting and make-up. Her swimming talents take the backseat for a while. Her breathtaking and flawless skin and endless legs are given prominence. Her ripping muscles are made to look more attractive. And the sky is the limit for the imagination of the copy-editor as if he is the sculptor who has chiseled her body parts: The Olympic gold medal winner is described as an all-around hottie.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. A few gold medals in swimming make the woman athlete as an over-accomplishing personality. She is hailed as complete, attractive and accomplished, socialite.&nbsp.