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Write 12 pages with APA style on Explore and Analyse the Presentation of Power and Social Status within Women in Lady Chatterleys Lover and Jane Eyre. As young and independent women, they enjoyed a great deal of sexual freedom over their lovers and thus exerted strong power over them. They were allowed to derive as much sexual pleasure and satisfaction from their lovers, as they wanted. They used their sexual prowess to control the men in their lives and this is what introduced the sense of being in power over men. “Certainly she could take him without giving herself into his power. Rather she could use this sex thing to have power over him.” (Lawrence 2011)However, Connie, later known as Lady Chatterley, could not use this power over her husband the same way. After he returned from war, he was crippled and thus they were deprived of having any form of sexual relationship. Though, the sex life of Lady Chatterley was literally over. yet she fulfilled her duties as a wife.She let her husband be her master for years and did not challenge the way their life was going. She did not wish to disturb the power share between her husband and herself. Therefore, she is presented as a devoted wife that has moulded herself according to her circumstances. while Sir Clifford Chatterley is presented as the symbol of power in the life of Lady Chatterley.Clifford is aware of the fact that he cannot bear children, which is a threat to his powerful position. In order to retain this power, he suggests to her once that she is free to have a child with another man under the condition that the child would be brought up by them. “I don’t care who his father may be, so long as he is a healthy man not below normal intelligence.” (Lawrence 2011)This way, he hopes for continual power over his wife and the child she would bear with another man.Lady Chatterley is equal to Sir Clifford on the basis of their respective social classes but she has a powerless role in her house. Being surrounded by the powerful figure of her husband and his legacy, there is not much that Lady Chatterley can do about her role.