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Write 10 pages with APA style on Women in the Workplace. Women will seek feminine jobs while men tend to go for masculine duties. It is significant to foster equality in the workplace because each employee has a distinct set of skills that can benefit the organizationsWomen comprise approximately fifty percent of the potential workforce in the United States. Despite such a high percentage, the number of women in the senior position and the traditionally perceived male-dominated professions is remarkably low. Society has regarded women as mothers and homemakers who do not deserve any remuneration for a long time. In effect, the perception of the society about women’s employment was an option as opposed to a necessity. Such perceptions have rendered the efforts to realize gender parity in the workplace a futile endeavor. A section of women has tried to secure senior managerial positions in the workplace, but the statistics are dismal compared to that of the men. In spite of the existence of many charters and codes of ethics to champion equality, cultural and gender stereotyping has continued to place women in an inferior position. The allocation of duties, job descriptions, and remuneration depict the deep-rooted gender stereotypes and discrimination against women. Women execute the “feminine” roles while men work on masculine tasks. Socialization and cultural stereotypes compel women to pursue feminine roles in the workplace.The research used secondary data to examine the extent to which socialization, cultural stereotypes, differential aptitudes, and achievement-related experiences lead women to pursue the traditionally perceived feminine occupation. Specifically, the study explored the previously published information for a comprehensive analysis of the topic.&nbsp.