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Make sure to display the equation of the trendline on your graph. Attach your graph.b.      (3 points) Using your standard curve, determine how much fruit a plant will produce if it is injected with 43 mg/L of hormone.2.      Using MS Excel, prepare a standard curve (using a logarithmic trendline) from the data below:Molecular Weight Marker (bp)Distance Migrated (mm)200041500510007.575010500143002115030.5a.      (5 points) Display the equation of your trendline on the graph and attach your graph.b.      (3 points) Using your standard curve, determine the size (in bp) of a DNA fragment with a migration distance of 17.5 mm. 3.      Cells in culture are treated in such as way that they are expected to take up a fragment of DNA containing a gene that codes for an enzyme. The activity of the enzyme in cells that take up the gene can be assayed. The more active the enzyme, the better. Suppose a researcher isolates 45 clones of cells and measures the enzyme activity in each clone. The results are shown below in activity units10.414.      (5 points) Using MS Excel, find the minimum, the maximum, the median, the mean (average), and the standard deviation for the enzyme activity data from the isolated clones.MinimumMaximumMedianMeanStandard Deviationb.      (4 points) Using MS Excel, make a histogram graph of the data. Format the horizontal axis and set the bin width to 1.0. Indicate on the plot where the mean and median are located.A solution is made by dissolving 3.88 g of KCl in enough water to make 67.8 mL of solution.  What is the concentration of potassium chloride in units of weight/volume percent?0.0572% (w/v) KCl , 5.72%(w/v) KCL , 5.7%(w/v)  KCL, 6%(w/v)KCLA solution is made by mixing 569 mL of water with 238 mL of 100% (v/v) ethanol.  What is the concentration of ethanol in units of volume/volume percent?0.418%(V/V) ethanol , 29.2%(v/v) ethanol , 0.295% (v/v) , 41.8% (v/v) ethanolYour lab mate is planning an animal experiment in which she needs to deliver 7.7 mg of the drug methotrexate to each control animal.  She’s purchased a solution of methotrexate at a concentration of 0.92% (w/v).  What volume of the methotrexate solution must be administered to each animal?837 μL methotrexate solution7.1 mL methotrexate solution8.4 mL methotrexate solution119 μL methotrexate solutionThe density of glycerol is 1.26 g/mL.  What is the mass of 18.0 mL of glycerol?Group of answer choices18.2 g22.7 g14.2 g30 gIn order to distinguish bacteria containing the pGREEN plasmid from those that don’t, ampicillin is added to the broth.  If you pipetted 40 μL from an ampicillin stock tube of concentration 10 mg/mL, how much ampicillin did you remove from the stock tube?Group of answer choices400 μg400 mg100 μg100 μg/mLA standard polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiment uses 50 ng of plasmid DNA per tube.  If your plasmid purification activity from lab yielded 7.6 μg/mL of pGREEN DNA, what volume of your pGREEN plasmid will you add to your PCR reaction tube?Group of answer choices380 μL6.5 mL6.6 μL4 mLHow many micromoles of solute are present in 250 mL of a 0.10 mM solution?Group of answer choices4.0 μmoles0.025 μmoles25 μmoles0.4 μmolesA particular solution requires 150 mg of enzyme per mL of solution to be useful.  How much enzyme is needed to make 1.0 x 104 μL of solution?Group of answer choices1500 mg150 mg15 mg150 mLIf there are about 2.0 x 102 blood cells in a 1.0 x 10-2 mL sample, how many blood cells would be in 2.2 mL of this blood?Group of answer choices40,000 cells4400 cells44,000 cells4000 cellsIf 20.0 g of DIFCO LB powder is needed to make 1.2 L of microbiological medium, how much medium can be made using 13.1 mg of DIFCO LB powder?Group of answer choices0.000786 L786 mL7.90 mL790 μLIf the conversion factor between absorbance readings at 260 nm and DNA concentration is 1.00 A.U. = 50.0 μg/mL, and you have measured a sample of your DNA to have 0.540 A.U., how much mass of DNA do you have if your total volume of DNA is 50 μL?Group of answer choices27 μg270 ng1.35 μg1350 μgYou have collected the following data regarding species of trees on the NOVA-Manassas Campus.  There might be more species of trees and higher numbers, but you only focused on one area of the campus.Species of TreeNumber observedBeech54Oak125Pine32Which graph would be the best one to use to display your data?Group of answer choicesA Bar ChartA Line GraphA ScatterplotA Pie ChartUsing the following standard curve, calculate the concentration of an unknown protein sample with an absorbance value of 0.754You have measured the concentration of your DNA sample to be 57.4 ug/mL. What is your DNA concentration in ng/uL units?Group of answer choices57400 ng/uL574 ng/uL5.74 ng/uL57.4 ng/uLA 50.0 mM stock solution of MgCl2 is commonly used in labs for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) experiments.  How much MgCl2 would you weigh out to make 550 mL of a 50.0 mM MgCl2 stock solution? (FW for MgCl2 = 95.21 g/mol)Group of answer choices26 mg26 g2.6 g275 mgThe following data have been collected over the past several years for the NOVA-Manassas Campus.YearNumber of Full-Time Equivalent Students20082776200930862010330720113428201236372013388420143998201542172016426520174316Which graph would be the best one to use to display this data?Group of answer choicesLine GraphPie ChartHistogramBar GraphsList three things that are wrong about the graph below: